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Viruses can be spread easily through e-mail and wreak havok on computer systems. By taking the following precautions you can protect your system from the effects of viruses.

  • Be aware. Pay attention to reports of viruses. Know their effects and how to eliminate them.
  • Make it a policy to not open .exe files sent to you through e-mail . These files may look like nothing more than "cute" animations meanwhile, they may systematically destroy files on your hard drive.
  • Make sure you have a current version of anti-virus software. These scanners will detect and eliminate the virus. Many companies offer downloadable versions of their anti-virus utilities.

Recent moderate to high risk viruses include:
  I Love You
  Zipped Files

Other sources of virus information:

Norton Antivirus one of the best and affordable antivirus software programs out there.
The Virus Bulletin
Network Associates




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