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There are a number of things you can do to hopefully avoid becoming a victim of e-mail abuse. None of these are 100% effective but if you following these guidelines you will definitely lessen your chances.

Preventive measures for Unsolicited Commercial E-mail

  • If you have any doubts as to the authenticity of the sender and/or the content DO NOT respond to it. They may sell your address to every spammer out there. Instead follow our instructions on reporting abuse.

  • Get a free e-mail account somewhere online specifically for newsgroups and registering on web sites. Most spammers use programs to gather addresses from these sources. The spammers will get this address and all the junk mail will flood this mailbox instead of your working one.

  • Don't post your actual e-mail address on your website. Again, spammers have programs that can scan your pages for it.

  • Use mail filters. They are not always completely accurate but they can cut back on the number of junk e-mails you receive. Check out our resources section for sites where you can download filters.

Preventive measures for Viruses

  • DO NOT open attached files (especially .exe files) if you are not 100% positive where it came from. Virus developers use something called "social engineering" that can make a harmful attachment look like it came from your friend Joe, when in fact Joe unknowingly has the virus and it sent itself to everyone in Joe's mailbox. Always verify with the sender what they sent you before opening the attachment.

  • Run virus scanning software or virus monitoring software. Check out our resources section for a list of virus scan utilities.

  • Keep up with current news on virus releases. If you know what's out there you can take measures to avoid it.

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