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Did You Know?

There is no US Federal legislation in existence that specifically deals with the penalties of Email Abuse? Lets Change that!


Click on the name of the bill below to view the full text.

HR 1910 Pending
The E-mail User Protection Act. This bill would prohibit the falsification of header and/or routing information in UCE and would require opt-out requests to be honored.
HR 2162 Pending
The Can Spam Act. This bill would allow ISP's to take action against spammers and would impose criminal penalties for sending UCE through an unknowing third party.
HR 3113 Pending
The Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act of 1999. This bill would create an FCC maintained "opt-out" list. The sending of Unsolicited commercial Email to members of the list would be illegal. Violators could be sued for damages.
S 759 Pending
This bill would also prohibit falsification of header information and require senders to honor opt-out requests. In addition, domain owners would be required to notify ISP's and FTC whether or not they wish to receive UCE and ISP would be required to maintain this list.
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