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Did You Know?

There is no US Federal legislation in existence that specifically deals with the penalties of Email Abuse? Lets Change that!

Harassing e-mail can take a number of forms. Mail bombs are one method. Threatening, abusive, obscene or vulgar messages are other examples. Some Email Spam may classify as abusive or harassing as well.

Many harassers (aka: Cyberstalkers) go to great lengths to conceal their identity. They may use the conventional methods such as sending messages through an unsuspecting third party, or use tools that allow messages to be sent anonymously. There are even web sites that generate abusive, anonymous hate mail. However, it may still be possible to find out the source of the message. Read Identifying the sender.

Even if you can't identify the sender you still may be able to put an end to it. Some states are passing laws specifically against email harassment, while other states' exististing harassment laws include electronic harassment. In Maryland cyberstalkers can be fined $500 or receive up to three years in prison. The Information Technology Association of America lists each state's obscenity, harassment and child pornography laws as they relate to the internet.

Know your rights under the law. If you have been harassed, do not hesitate to call the appropriate authorities. They have ways to find these people! You do not have to remain a victim! Read how to Report Abuse.
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